The difference between LED neon lighting fixtures and neon lighting

1. Conventional neon lighting have sizeable expenditure and complicated method, and there are many inconveniences when using off-task pipes, great-voltage electrical energy and inert fumes.led neon light tube, The LED neon gentle adopts a brand-new framework and LED technology. The bright LED light bulbs are covered by a special PVC shell. The distinctive visual technology and specific casing design and style not only improve the intensity and uniformity from the lighting, but additionally increase the procedure flow. Enhanced generation performance.

2. The lighting of LED neon lighting fixtures is increased, along with the lumination of standard neon lighting fixtures is dark-colored.

3, LED neon lighting is more lengthy-existed and durable. On such basis as LED modern technology, the life of neon lighting fixtures can attain 100,000 hours of extremely-lengthy assistance lifestyle. In contrast to cup neon lights, its durability is not questioned, since there is no requirement to take into account the broken window neon lamps.

4. LED neon lights are more energy efficient. The accommodating whole-system gentle strip can save over 70% of power ingestion and electrical energy usage costs. The glass neon gentle is 26.25W/M, even though the LED flexible neon lighting strip has a bare minimum power of 2.8W.


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dob lights and LED lights? Which is better?

There are led lights and dob lights on the market, what is the difference?dob led , Dob lighting or led is better?

LEDs can be light-emitting diodes that utilize light-emitting diodes as light-weight venue lighting. Light-emitting diodes are solid-state semiconductor devices that directly convert electrical energy into lightweight. What it brings is definitely the third generation of modern technology lamps after incandescent and fluorescent lamps. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability.

The cob light source is a technological innovation for a more efficient integrated surface area light source when the LED is directly attached to a higher reflectivity metal substrate. This technological innovation eliminates the concept of mounting brackets, no plating, no reflow soldering, and no area process, so the process is reduced by nearly 1/3 and the cost is also saved by 1/3. In general, it's actually more technical than Leds and much better eye protection

The main difference between dob lighting fixtures and LED lights is that LEDs are power-protected and environmentally friendly, no flicker, no UV radiation, and the disadvantage may be the mild danger of glowing blue. The dob lamp has good color rendering, light color, close to natural color, no stroboscopic, no glare, no electromagnetic line, no ultraviolet, and infrared can protect the eyes and epidermis.

With such a complete evaluation, dob lighting is more preferable!


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1. Substantial technician program, digital development and control may be accomplished according to the atmosphere, the forecasted lighting color is very amazing, monochrome, the lighting source is quite smooth, lower strength consumption, linear led lighting outdoor ,energy saving and environment safety, very long services life.

2. Great safety, can only be utilized for lighting effects, the home heating outcome is not apparent, along with the range of app is quite typical. Almost all of these lights possess a dial, which happens to be convenient for users to regulate the lighting position based on the requirements, that is practical for program.

3. Beautiful and high conclusion quality, using stick satisfying method, higher finish power supply, and water-proof design. When it comes to making certain better lighting fixtures, the size and repair daily life may be effectively modified.


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