What is the LED rainproof power source (360w) employed for?

The normal production voltage of led rainproof power supply is DC 12V or 24V, which happens to be mainly utilized for some low-voltage lighting LED goods. For example lighting strips, tough light-weight pieces, and many others. The so-referred to as rainwater safety just means the rainwater will not be directly poured into the power source when it down pours, but it can not be drenched in water. For that reason, when using it, take notice of the location where it may be drenched in water.

There is also a water-resistant power source. This kind of power supply is filled with glue within, which could generally be put directly outdoors, and will also not be affected by rain. Some do greater, you may directly put the power source within the water, no issue. Therefore, observe the difference between rainproof and water-resistant.


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